Content is key, but the passenger experience and how you engage with them has become just as important. At Inflight Dublin we will work closely with you in creating a unique experience for your passengers - before, during and after the flight.

Web Development

The Inflight Dublin Web GUI is a microsite that sits on one of your website pages. It is in effect a portal through which passengers can access everything they need to know about your IFE offering. The Web GUI presents the content that will be available on different aircraft and routes including movies, TV, audio and games. It is also a great medium to promote new content that has recently been added on board or content that is coming soon.

The Web GUI not only shows the content that will be available, it provides all metadata such as duration, rating, synopsis etc, and allows visitors to your site to watch trailers for the content that will be available. Some of our clients also use the Web GUI to promote their airline and services as well as differentiate different service classes.

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Mobile Development

Our in-house team of developers offer a professional iOS and Android development service that complements Inflight Dublin’s other offerings. Inflight Dublin will work with you in extending your mobile footprint by custom developing a mobile platform that will drive flight sales, increase ancillary revenue and promote your full range of in-flight and partner services. Our ‘Journey Path’ application has been custom built for the aviation industry with a view to being a useful passenger tool that improves engagement as well as an ancillary revenue generator for your airline. For more information on Ancillary Revenue Services please click here.

Inflight Dublin’s development of a mobile application will be white labelled and will be aligned to your marketing and branding. We also have partnerships with a range of service providers and global advertisers to support ancillary revenue generation.

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Digital Marketing

IFD’s market research indicates that not all airlines utilise their key marketing platforms to effectively engage with their passengers. Blast campaigns with generic messaging results in a huge amount of wastage and a lack of tangible sales conversions. Built natively on Big Data, Inflight Dublin offers a range of digital marketing services designed to drive behaviour analytics, automation, and personalised passenger interactions through a range of communication mediums including email, onsite content and recommendations and mobile app and SMS messages.

The ability to tailor email, website, social media and mobile communications and interactions provides passengers with a stronger connection to an airline brand and allows airlines to build an even richer profile for each of their customers, through which to provide a truly customised proposition.


At Inflight Dublin, we take great care and pride in our work. We provide each of our clients with a tailor-made service, and dedicated personnel. We understand the demands on your business, both inside and outside your IFE department, and we can work with you to resolve issues, enhance products, and deliver real value.

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