Somon Air and Inflight Dublin sign content services agreement

Inflight Dublin, leading in-flight entertainment content and software provider, today announced the signing of strategic, multiyear content service agreement with Somon Air. 

Inflight Dublin will provide a suite of core in-flight entertainment (IFE) content services, including movies, TV, and audio on overhead and seatback systems aboard all Somon Air aircraft.

 “We are delighted to partner with Inflight Dublin for the provision of in-flight entertainment services. We have chosen Inflight Dublin primarily because of their agile customised approach to Somon Air and we believe that this partnership will boost our airline rating, “said Umedjon Makhmudov, Network Planning & Distribution Manager for Somon Air. 

 "This new content service agreement represents exciting in-flight entertainment growth opportunities for Somon Air and a commitment to provide the best travel experience for its passengers," said John White, Inflight Dublin’s CEO. "We are delighted to offer Somon Air up to 100 media titles, including the very latest movies, television, and audio programming on regional and international flights. The new partnership underlines Inflight Dublin’s continued expansion into the EurAsian region."

About Inflight Dublin

Inflight Dublin is a global leader in IFE content, software and design, delivering high-quality services to airlines for over 30 years. Leveraging its continued success, Inflight Dublin has now expanded its services to include a range of advanced technology solutions, including wireless IFE. More than 40 satisfied clients across 4 continents are Inflight Dublin’s testament to quality. Inflight Dublin is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with offices and representatives at 8 locations around the world.