Inflight Dublin has been providing content to airlines around the world for 30 years. Over this time, we have cultivated strong relationships with both Hollywood-based and international distributors and gained deep expertise with all system integrators. This experience, combined with our dedication to you and your passengers, makes Inflight Dublin your ideal IFE partner.


Hollywood Movies

We have been providing movies to airlines since the 1980s. Our strong relationships with all Hollywood distributors ensure that we can offer the latest, greatest and most appropriate movie content to all our clients. These include the latest blockbusters, arthouse titles and classic movies, which we can deliver in multiple languages and formats. With a dedicated team of account managers, procurement and research experts, metadata professionals and video engineers, we provide our clients with the best quality and most suitable movies available.

International Movies

We work with a wide range of movie distributors from around the globe to satisfy our clients’ growing demands for high quality international movies. Our dedicated international content team sources the most popular and critically-acclaimed titles on offer. Our aim is to maximise passenger satisfaction and provide a tailored and localised movie experience.

Short Movies

Our Hollywood and international movie libraries are complemented by a growing number of short movies, ranging from 3 to 20 minutes in length. These titles are proving increasingly popular with our clients, both as ‘fillers’ and stand-alone content, and our eclectic collection contains material suitable for all passenger demographics.

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Inflight Dublin’s ability to research and source the most suitable television content for our clients is a key element of our service. We have strong relationships with world-renowned distributors, and can provide tailored selections of high quality short subject content to match your budget.

Primetime Television

TV shows are more popular than ever, and Inflight Dublin provides its clients with the latest and most popular primetime TV series. As passengers are used to consuming larger volumes of TV at home, we offer full box sets of the latest dramas, as well as the best comedy, kids, documentary and lifestyle shows on TV today. These are complemented by a range of popular business and news channels.

Not only can we assist in diversifying your TV offering, we can also increase your ancillary revenue by creating premium and branded channels for your in-seat and wireless inflight entertainment platforms.

International Television

Our links to distributors from across 56 countries enable us to provide an extensive range of suitable content for our clients’ passengers. To deliver a truly personalised TV experience for the end user, Inflight Dublin’s content team have access to local TV ratings and viewership statistics from all countries our clients operate in. This helps to ensure that we deliver the best mix of content and optimise the overall inflight entertainment experience.

Destination Videos

Inflight Dublin offers a selection of traditional and contemporary destination videos. We also produce high-quality videos in-house, developed in conjunction with sponsorship and advertising deals, in order to increase ancillary revenue.

Viral Videos and Tutorials

Inflight Dublin supplies a wide range of popular viral videos and online TV channels, all drawn from popular online user-generated video sites. We also provide tutorials and educational videos concerning popular topics such as software packages, computer games, hobbies and crafts to name a few.

All of our movies and television services are supported by our best-in-class technical facility. For more on our technical capabilities, please click here.

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Broadcast Shows

Inflight Dublin is recognised as the industry leader in inflight audio. For over 30 years, we have been producing tailored radio shows hosted by the best presenters from around the world.


We offer an extensive range of albums from across all genres; everything from the very latest releases to timeless classics.

Boarding Music

We develop boarding music programmes that capture the essence of our clients’ culture and brand values.

Podcasts and Audio Books

To complement our in-house music productions, we provide a range of podcasts, audio books and bespoke audio destination guides. All of Inflight Dublin’s audio products combine familiarity with uniqueness in order to maximise passenger engagement and satisfaction.

Translations & Voiceover Services

We produce translation and voice-over services for all audio and video announcements. Our database of 1,300 male and female voice-over professionals, covering over 30 languages and dialects, allows us to match the perfect voice with your brand and approach.

All our in-house audio productions utilise the latest technology at our state-of-the-art audio studio. For more details on our studio facilities, please click here.


With 30 years industry, hardware and content experience, Inflight Dublin offers its clients unbiased and insightful advice on all aspects of the IFE industry - both technical and content.

Our approach begins by analysing the client’s hardware set-up and entertainment offerings, before benchmarking them against a range of regional and global competitors. As part of our competitive analysis, Inflight Dublin provides an impartial assessment of hardware, software and content solutions that enables the client to create differentiation against their competitors. We also provide digital marketing and advertising strategies so that any changes proposed are reinforced by promotional and ancillary revenue services.

Inflight Dublin continuously engages with clients regarding technical trends within the industry. Whether it’s connectivity, streaming or augmented reality, we provide informative reports, including insightful recommendations, in order to assist clients in making the best decision.


At Inflight Dublin, we take great care and pride in our work. We provide each of our clients with a tailor-made service, and dedicated personnel. We understand the demands on your business, both inside and outside your IFE department, and we can work with you to resolve issues, enhance products, and deliver real value.

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