With our team of highly skilled technical experts, we provide post-production and encoding services across all video and audio formats, and for all systems.



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Our technical facility is based around a highly sophisticated workflow, using market-leading editing and storage technologies. With a full range of digital and analogue video and audio services, we are a ‘one stop shop’ for all your IFE needs.


Inflight Dublin has worked for many years with all the leading IFE hardware suppliers, providing us with in-depth understanding of their systems. We leverage this knowledge in order to ensure media is delivered accurately and on time, as well as advising our clients as to how they can optimise their systems.



We can ingest media in any format (e.g. DVD, Master tape, digital file).


Our highly skilled post-production team edit all video programming in accordance with our clients’ edit guidelines. We undertake extensive visual and audio tests to ensure that all media remains within QC guidelines. Significantly, Inflight Dublin operates completely in High Definition (HD), which enables us to provide the very best possible quality video output for our clients.

Encoding / Transcoding

Using Digital Rapids’ Transcode Manager, we are able to manipulate any digital media captured to our storage system to fit any hardware supplier’s specifications. Our transcoding systems utilise the industry recognised Manzanita multiplexer, which encapsulates the required MPEG elementary streams into the delivery Transport Stream format that is widely used by all major AVOD manufacturers.


Inflight Dublin can support a full suite of subtitling requirements in any language, using the EZTitles subtitling suite. This includes embedded, dynamic and closed caption subtitles.

Advertising Representation

We have the ability to include both static and dynamic Ads seamlessly into our clients’ video programming, which assists in the generation of ancillary revenue.

File Storage and Content Delivery

We have file storage of over 128Tb, and 250Mbps uncontended internet bandwidth, allowing us to send and receive large quantities of data in a short space of time. We use the SmartJog system to automate the delivery process and guarantee the integrity of delivered files to hardware integrators.

Archiving and Backup

Through our EditShare ARK system, all our media content gets archived to LTO tape on a regular basis. This allows us to safeguard our media library, without capacity constraints.

We work with the latest in video production technologies.

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Inflight Dublin offers audio production, encoding and metadata services for digital systems, and mastering and duplication services for all analogue platforms.

In the late 1980’s, Inflight Dublin invested in the proprietary mastering and duplication hardware required to service a growing number of airlines looking to provide music on-board. Nearly 30 years later, we still provide a full analogue audio service to complement our strong digital capabilities.

Our audio post-production capabilities allow us to supply a variety of audio systems, and include:

  • Digital encoding for all AVOD systems
  • PCMCIA Flashcard programming and authoring
  • Cassette mastering and duplication
  • CDi authoring and duplication
  • Safety Announcements in all languages are recorded and duplicated to all Cassette, CD, Flashcard and Hard Drive Systems.

These activities are undertaken in three Digital Audio Production and Post-Production Suites at our Dublin facility. All Audio Suites feature a mix of SoundScape, Pro-Tools and Sadie Digital Audio Systems.


At Inflight Dublin, we take great care and pride in our work. We provide each of our clients with a tailor-made service, and dedicated personnel. We understand the demands on your business, both inside and outside your IFE department, and we can work with you to resolve issues, enhance products, and deliver real value.

We love to listen – how can we help?

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