With IFD's turnkey Wireless IFE solution it is now possible to deliver content to passenger devices and generate ancillary revenue without the need to invest in expensive embedded systems.


Inflight Dublin’s Wireless Inflight Entertainment Solution is a state-of-the-art entertainment system that allows airlines to wirelessly stream content to passengers’ own portable devices whilst onboard an aircraft. All popular device platforms, from iOS and Android to Windows and Mac, are supported. Our customisable solution offers full wireless IFE capability, consisting of fully certified hardware, Hollywood-approved Digital Rights Management (DRM) software, 100% cabin coverage, and the ability to support ancillary revenue products and services.

Fast Facts on IFD’s Wireless IFE Solution

  • Suite of ancillary revenue generating applications
  • Hollywood-approved DRM for streaming movies and TV
  • Hardware and software solution
  • Streams simultaneously to 250 devices
  • Suitable for all narrow-body, single-aisle and twin-aisle aircraft

wireless ife


Wireless streaming requires both hardware and software elements in order to provide passengers with access to content and services. Inflight Dublin’s solution includes both elements and allows for customisation to fit your airline’s needs. The solution also has a number of over-the-top services and offerings to improve the passenger experience as well as generate ancillary revenue for the airline.


Our highly skilled engineers are working at the vanguard of networking and server technologies. Our wireless IFE solution has the ability to stream video content to 250 passengers simultaneously, and is compatible with all wireless IFE hardware configurations available in the market today. The system is aircraft certified and is quick and easy to install. Designed specifically for use on aircraft, the solution allows for the transfer of content and data both manually as well as wirelessly.


DRM (Digital Rights Managment)

Our bespoke DRM security software is fully approved by all 6 major Hollywood studios. Together with our content sourcing, encoding and delivery expertise, we can ensure that all passenger devices are supported. Moreover, we provide an advanced data analytics tool that enables our clients to gain a detailed understanding of their passengers.


Our software solution offers multiple entertainment applications that complement our content streaming service. Our newsstand application provides passengers with access to daily newspapers, popular magazines and notable eBooks. Our games application offers a wide selection of single player and multi-player HTML games, suitable for both kids and adults. We’ve also developed a built-in scoreboard to make our games even more appealing.

The Inflight Dublin software solution also supports a range of over-the-top services for passengers. These include information applications for airport amenities, airport transit services, city-guides and interactive 3D maps. Also discover how you can increase your revenue with our ancillary revenue-generating services outlined in the next two sections.

IFD Detector

Our IFD Detector monitors the processes running on passenger devices and can identify screen capture tools. In cases where a user attempts to screen capture or record media, the streamed media is automatically stopped and passengers are notified to cease the capture process. IFD Detector also prevents the streaming of media to devices that are jail-broken or have HDMI, DVI or display port peripherals connected.

IFD Reporter

IFD Reporter analyses all passenger interactions and provides detailed usage reports to the relevant ontent and service owners. The reports contain a range of valuable data on activities such as page visits, time spent on each page, device type used and any fraudulent attempts captured by the IFD Detector. These data points and reports can be customised to your needs and be used to expand your passenger profiles and enhance your contextual marketing initiatives.

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Inflight Retail

With the introduction of wireless IFE, promoting and upselling your inflight sales is easier than ever. By introducing an eCommerce platform that passengers can access at their leisure, the opportunity to upsell increases considerably. Also, by widening and extending the window during which passengers can purchase snacks and duty free, airlines can increase the total volume of transactions on a given flight.

By delivering inflight retail through your wireless IFE portal, and by linking into or utilising stock management systems, you will have real time data and information on stock levels and availability at the flight crew’s fingertips, improving logistics and efficiencies. The availability of this data also creates other inflight retail opportunities such as dynamic pricing and discounts, even the bundling of inflight retail with other services such as content provision.

Your wireless IFE portal can also be used as a platform for launching retail offerings not traditionally available at 30,000 feet. See our Ancillary Revenue section below for more information on these additional retail offerings.


Ancillary Revenue

Inflight Dublin’s partnerships with globally recognised car hire, hotel, events and tourism brands opens up new ancillary revenue opportunities for airlines. Similarly, if you already have agreements in place with 3rd party service providers, we can work with them to incorporate their offerings through your wireless IFE portal, introducing a new channel with which to offer these services.

Advertising and Sponsorship

We have also partnered with global digital advertising agencies to get big name brands onto your aircraft. Through our portal management and data analytics solution you can target individual passengers more effectively, maximising advertising revenue.

Extending your ancillary Revenue Reach

Inflight Dublin will also design, build and manage a custom mobile application so that passengers can avail of these additional ancillary revenue generation services while they spend time at their destination. This will allow you to continue to generate ancillary revenue after the passenger has disembarked the aircraft.

Enhance the Passenger Experience

As well as increasing ancillary revenue, the introduction of these new services can enhance the passenger’s experience with your airline and improve passenger engagement. Some airlines in fact offer free informative content to improve passenger engagement such as 3D moving maps, destination information, airport information and also use the portal as a cost effective way to share airline inflight magazines.

As well as increasing ancillary revenue, these new services will enhance the passenger’s experience with your airline and improve overall engagement. Our dynamic package includes other attention-grabbing features at no extra cost to the passenger, such as 3D moving maps, destination information, and airport information. The IFE portal is also a cost-effective way to share airline inflight magazines. 


At Inflight Dublin, we take great care and pride in our work. We provide each of our clients with a tailor-made service, and dedicated personnel. We understand the demands on your business, both inside and outside your IFE department, and we can work with you to resolve issues, enhance products, and deliver real value.

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